Kim J. Berrian is founder of Berrian Insurance Group, Vermont (BIG). Berrian is best described as an Entrepreneur, Educator, Businessman, Corporate Consultant and Insurance Professional. Since 1978 he has studied and implemented the leading edge business principles of R. Buckminster Fuller and Dr. W. Edwards Deming. In 1978, Berrian met for the first time, the futurist and global thinker, R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky).


Bucky was undeniably one of the key innovators in the 20th century, having been known as a philosopher, thinker, visionary, inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, author and more. Bucky was the person most responsible for making synergy a common term and who found synergy to be a basic principle of all interactive systems.


Berrian began studying the principles of W. Edwards Deming, the renowned “Father of Quality, in 1986. Dr. Deming was the man whose teachings in Japan beginning in 1950, largely initiated a transformation in Japanese business. That transformation resulted in what is known today as the "Japanese Industrial Miracle". Dr. Deming subsequently taught his theory of leadership and quality improvement to numerous U.S. corporations including Ford, General Motors, and Xerox.


To this day Berrian remains deeply involved with the integration of the Deming Management Theory and those theories of R. Buckminster Fuller. Berrian has designed BIG to function as a Fuller/Deming, consultative “systems based” Commercial Property and Casualty insurance agency.