Abuse and Molestation


Human and Social Service Agencies, both for profit and non profit, often provide services to vulnerable clients. It is important to protect these clients and the organizations that serve them against charges of abuse and molestation. When this coverage is needed, abuse and molestation coverage is often written as part of (added to) the standard package policy.


Commercial Automobile


If the business or organization owns or leases vehicles, the commercial automobile policy includes liability and can provide physical damage coverage to the vehicle (full coverage). Hired & non-owned auto liability (Symbol 8 & 9) is recommended for all businesses even if they do not own a vehicle.


Commercial Crime


Commercial Crime insurance protects your company or organization from fraud, theft, forgery and more.
Often referred to as fidelity insurance, commercial crime is designed to protect your company from many types of crime. Because crime is a common concern for businesses, we offer business protection to cover your company whether employees decide they are entitled to the company’s inventory or a thief robs you of your cash.


  • Commercial crime insurance offers coverage for:
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Theft of money and securities inside the premises
  • Theft of money and securities outside the premises
  • Burglary or robbery
  • Computer fraud


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance


In general, officers of a corporation stand in a fiduciary relationship to that corporation. Under Title 11B of Vermont statute, there are specific standards of conduct expected of directors of nonprofit corporations, which emphasize due care, good faith, and reasonableness. If directors comply with the requirements of this section, they cannot be held liable for the performance of the duties of their office. Although directors may not be held liable in a lawsuit if this standard of care is met, this does not mean that they cannot be sued personally for actions taken as a member of the board of directors. Therefore, many nonprofit corporations purchase directors and officers liability insurance.


Almost every activity of a nonprofit corporation can become the target of some kind of a claim by another firm or an individual that alleges damage or injury by the corporation or individuals responsible (i.e., directors, officers or employees). Even if the claim is without merit, the defense costs can be significant.

To encourage qualified individuals to accept positions as a director or an officer, many nonprofits purchase D&O insurance to cover directors and officers liability.


Employment Practices Liability


Every day, in every state, hundreds of employment-related complaints are lodged against employers. The most common employment-related claims involve allegations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, age, disability, gender and pregnancy. Employment Practices Liability (EPL) provides protection for an employer against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees. EPL provides coverage for discrimination (age, race, sex, disability, etc.), wrongful termination of employment, sexual harassment, and other employment-related allegations. EPL typically expands coverage to include Directors and Officers.




The majority of insurance policies specifically exclude losses due to flood. Over time, certain areas are more likely to flood than others. However, it is important to remember that flood damage can happen to anyone.
If your business is located in a flood zone, you may be required to have flood insurance. Even if you’re not required to carry flood insurance, you might want to consider it, as your business could still be at risk.


Professional Liability


Commercial package and Directors and Officers (D&O) policies contain exclusions relating to professional services of an organization. Certification, credentialing, testing, legal advice, financial advice, etc. are examples of the types of activities that fall within the scope of most professional services exclusions. Professional Liability policies provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage or money damage claims arising from professional services.
Acts, errors, omissions and negligence in the rendering or failure to render professional services are typically covered in a Professional Liability policy. Directors, officers, committee members, volunteers and employees are typically covered.


Stock Throughput


Stock Throughput was originally developed in the London market. It was specifically designed to cover the personal property of manufacturers, processors, exporters, importers or assemblers anywhere in the world on an all risk basis.


Coverage can include raw materials, goods in process and finished inventory. Stock Throughput is utilized by many of America’s largest, most successful corporations. If you import or export goods, and would like to learn more about this important comprehensive coverage, give us a call.


Workers Compensation


Workers Compensation (WC) is one of the few types of Property & Casualty coverage required by law. Coverage and rates are set by statute in every state as well as the District of Columbia. The states of North Dakota, Ohio, Wyoming and Washington and are known as monopolistic states wherein coverage is provided by a state regulatory body instead of an admitted commercial insurance carrier.


WC premium is based on a combination of payroll and job classification. In Vermont, businesses and organizations with annual WC premium of $4,000 or more are subject to a loss sensitivity factor known as an experience modification (experience mod). The experience mod in turn affects premium expense favorably or unfavorably consistent with loss experience.


Owners or officers of a corporation or LLC in the state of Vermont who choose to be EXCLUDED from worker compensation may do so only with an approved (by the Department of Labor) Form 29 (Officer Exclusion Form) on file.


Commercial Package


Most commonly referred to as a “Package” because the policy bundles multiple coverages into a single package. The Commercial Package is generally recognized as the foundation policy in most insurance portfolios.


What's Covered:


Property - can include buildings (real property), contents (business personal property), computers/copiers (EDP), leased equipment, fine arts and valuable papers & records, accounts receivable and more.

Commercial General Liability
– provides defense and covers claims involving bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) but excludes claims relating to professional services.

Business Income & Extra Expense
– a form of property insurance covers loss of income and resulting extra expenses following an insured peril (i.e. fire).




Commercial Umbrella


Umbrella and excess liability insurance offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your company or organizations primary liability insurance. This coverage is designed to protect your company or organization from costly judgments and the high cost of defending lawsuits.